94-year-old woman murdered at her South Carolina home, autopsy evidence found


A 94-year-old woman was murdered in her South Carolina home over the weekend. Authorities said Thursday the death of the 94-year-old woman at her South Carolina home over the weekend was deemed a homicide based on evidence uncovered during the victim’s autopsy. Columbia Police investigating Robbie Atkinson’s death at her Columbia home found no evidence of foul play on Saturday that she was murdered.

94-year-old woman murdered in her home. (Photo: Getty)

Autopsy revealed

According to Richland Country Coroner in US News, the autopsy revealed that someone had murdered her. Nadia Rutherford said the victim would not detail Atkinson’s death because she did not want to jeopardize the investigation. Rutherford said she was a respected educator in the community for many decades asked anyone who saw anyone near the house or premises. Additionally, the case of the 94-year-old murdered woman was one of 94 cases listed in the venue.

In a press conference with Rutherford on Thursday, Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook also provided few details. The two agreed that EU help could be key to solving the case. Investigators said Atkinson lived in a busy neighborhood near downtown Columbia and a relative called 911 after discovering her body at her home. Rutherford and Columbia Police Skip Holbrook have presented details of the murder scene.

Rutherford noticed behind something

Rutherford explained that sometimes people don’t realize that something they’ve seen is important, no matter the detail. On the other hand, Rutherford said they may have noticed someone sitting on the porch, which is usually not there. Maybe they thought it was strange, but they had no idea it was homicide.

This case saw the thought of being saved the victim from the bloody situation. Rutherford noticed that the victim had performed at his house, still in the process of closing the case. The authorities assure that the problem will be solved.


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