8 Completely Free Swimming Holes You Can Visit in Maine


There are very few things guaranteed when it comes to Maine but what is almost a certainty is that the summer (and the heat) does not last long. When it’s here, it can be brutal. Packing a punch of humidity in every little wave of heat. For those who don’t have a pool in their backyard (and a very good friend who does), there are only a few options for cooling off. You can spend the day indoors with air conditioning or venture outside and find one of Maine’s naturally refreshing swimming holes.

James M Davidson

James M Davidson

So where do you go and how do you find all those elusive swimming spots? Good news, most of them aren’t terribly hard to find and don’t require you to be a trained hiker or a gifted outdoor enthusiast. In fact, most of these swimming holes have marked trails or signs that will direct you exactly where you should be. Here’s a look at some of the best completely free swimming holes to cool off on a perfect summer day.

8 Swimming Holes in Maine You Can Visit for Free

If you’re looking for adventure or just want to cool off, here are 8 amazing pools in Maine you can enjoy for free.

DISCLAIMER: As stated above, most of these swimming holes are on marked trails and on public property, but some are surrounded by unmarked trails on private property. Be aware that traveling on private property without the owner’s consent may result in consequences.

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