6-year-old girl who died at amusement park has not been strapped to her seat


The 6-year-old girl who died after slipping out of her seat on the Haunted Mine Drop ride at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado in early September had not been properly restrained, according to a Colorado state investigation. Wongel Estifanos died when she was thrown from the ride on September 5. The amusement ride, which collapsed in a dark mine shaft, was allowed to operate despite a monitoring system that alerted attendants to a safety issue with the seat belts. Investigators say Estifanos was sitting on two locked seat belts that had not been undone after the previous ride and was only hooking onto the seat bar when the ride plunged. An alarm alerted attendants that the seat belts at Estifanos headquarters had not been unbuckled after the previous trip, which is a system intended to prevent people from accidentally sitting on the seat belts, but a technician has manually canceled the system rather than checking the headquarters, the survey found. The child was holding part of the strap she was sitting on, but an amusement ride operator “did not notice that the seat belts were not placed on her knees,” according to the report. “Because Ms. Estifanos was not retained in the seat, she separated from her seat and fell to the bottom of the [Haunted Mine Drop] tree, resulting in its death.

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