5 things to do this weekend including an outdoor game and poetry slam event


Alexa, play “September” from Earth, Wind & Fire. We’ve already entered a new month, and this song is so obviously a must to play. I wish everyone a happy, laughing September, and for those whose favorite season is fall, it’s upon us! My suggestion would be to get out as much as possible before the weather (or COVID) pushes us back inside. In this weekend’s event roundup, I’ve included a few outdoor events, like Nilou Moochhalla’s public art installation, a slam poetry event celebrating the community, and the play “Reparations” from Gloucester Stage. If you’d rather be indoors, there’s also an exhibit that features an interesting take on the masks.

Until October

Nilou Moochhala, Artist in Residence with the Arlington Arts and Culture Commission (ACAC), has created a public art installation that explores the impact COVID-19 has had on the Arlington community. Moochhala has created a space that invites reflection and healing at Menotomy Rocks Park. Moochhala did this by hanging 100 designs symbolizing meditation flags all over the pine trees in the area. Half of the meditation flags were created during the pandemic. The other half was inspired by members of the Arlington community and included quotes from interviews paired with drawings. Moochhala will later donate all maintenance materials to the Robbins Library COVID-19 archives.

“Dazzleship” at the Umbrella Arts Center

Until September 12

The “Dazzleship” exhibit has an exploratory theme at the center with the question “How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your work? The exhibition was curated by Michael MacMahon and will be on display at the Main Gallery of the Umbrella Arts Center. The title is derived from the idea of ​​dazzling camouflage which is intended to be used to deceive enemy forces about the speed and direction of a ship, rather than hiding it. The works of art in this exhibition range from paintings, sculptures, animations and more and explore the uncertainty in which direction art is heading.

Friday Sept. 3 Sunday Sept. 19

Directed by Myriam Cyr, this Gloucester Stage production will be performed outdoors at the Windhover Performing Arts Center in Rockport, Massachusetts. The play is about Ginny, a successful book editor who invites an aspiring black author, Reg, into her apartment. She wakes up to find that a tender night turns into a tumultuous morning after he threatens to reveal a deep secret. This piece will keep you on the edge of your seat as the drama unfolds before your eyes.

Jason Bowen (left) and Angela Pierce rehearsing for “Reparations” by Gloucester Stage Company. (Courtesy of Gloucester Stage Company)

Friday September 3

Boston-based artist Liette Marcil reinvents masks through ceramic and acrylic on canvas. After more than a year of wearing masks, Marcil was inspired by them and all that they represent and hinder. Throughout her work, she incorporates quite strongly the use of geometric shapes and in this exhibition, she re-questions the interpretation we already have of the reality of the visible and the invisible.

Saturday September 4th

ROYA, a new non-profit organization with the goal of building a creative community for social advocacy, hosted an evening for the community to cultivate unity. The Oral Creation Night at Starlight Square will be filled with artists, poets, writers and creators from the community. There will also be live music to set the mood and if you have something to share you can subscribe to the open mic. If you want to get a feel for the slam, check out the playlist curated for the event here.

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