2022 marked the 10th anniversary of Out on Broadway


Thanks are due to the many individuals in the firm who have been instrumental in establishing and sustaining the annual Out on Broadway events, as well as to the talented outside advisors and contributors. Elizabeth Dennis, Managing Director and Head of Private Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley, delivered a special speech at the event, acknowledging Nadine Wong and Sandra Richards as founders of Out on Broadway, and reinforcing the company’s commitment. company in favor of diversity and inclusion.

Sandra Richards, Managing Director, Head of Global Sports & Entertainment and Segment Sales & Engagement, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, delivered the introduction, describing Out on Broadway as an important tool in demonstrating both the company’s role as a as an ally of the LGBT+ community and its supporter of the Broadway live theater world.

The panel was introduced by Nadine Wong, Executive Director, Private Wealth Advisor, Global Sports & Entertainment Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Nadine is proud that Out on Broadway “is a pioneer in intersectionality and shared stories of the LGBTQ+ experience, and celebrates our neighbors in the Broadway community” and believes Out on Broadway “has allowed me to connect more deeply with my colleagues; as an ally, it has helped me better understand the challenges that artists and my colleagues face, regardless of their industry.

Jen Ng, Executive Director and Co-Chair of Morgan Stanley’s Pride & Ally Employee Network, paid tribute to Nadine and Sandra, and gave them “huge congratulations for starting this initiative and for being consistent in delivering it over the years. 10 years, as a way to engage not only our employees, but also our customers. Our partnership on this initiative really helps us bring the mission of the network to life.

Brad Sears, JD, Founding Executive Director and David Sanders Distinguished Scholar in Law and Policy, Williams Institute, added a perspective on the advancement of LGBT+ treatment and rights in society and the workplace, citing the many positive changes that have happened in the recent past, particularly since marriage equality, and the progress to be made. Brad praised Morgan Stanley’s support saying, “I really appreciate that Morgan Stanley is here for the long haul.


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