10 Best Comedy Shows To Watch After Netflix’s Blockbuster


Workplace sitcoms are on the rise again on network TV, so it’s only fitting that Netflix throws its hat in the ring creating the original workplace sitcom Blockbuster. Loosely based on the world’s last real-life Blockbuster, the comedy series follows Timmy Yoon and his ragtag group of employees as they struggle to keep their beloved Blockbuster alive now that the company has completely shut down. .

Unlike other workplace comedies, Blockbuster extends beyond the four walls of the store and explores the personal lives of the characters from the pilot. With just ten episodes in its first season, it’s a relatively easy binge that will leave fans eager for more fun in the goofy workplace comedy. Luckily, there are tons of shows out there that offer the same kind of humor and character tropes that Blockbuster Is.


Abbott Elementary School (2021-)

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Abbott Elementary School has taken the world by storm since its 2020 debut and even won 3 Emmys for its debut season. The series follows a group of Philadelphia public school teachers who dedicate themselves to their work despite the lack of support they receive from the school district and their own wacky principal.

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As Blockbuster, Abbott Elementary has a diverse group of colleagues who support and roast each other on a daily basis. Both shows also focus on workplaces that lack support from higher entities, which means it’s up to the characters to succeed.

American Auto (2021-)

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American car premiered on NBC in 2021 but has yet to receive the special attention it deserves. Located in Detroit, American car follows a group of Payne Motors employees who deal with a new CEO, who knows nothing about the automotive industry.

Timmy and Katherine are similar because they’re both thrown into worlds they don’t really understand – Katherine is the automotive industry and Timmy is the sole owner of the latest Blockbuster store. With the help of their employees, they are able to walk through the fires and emerge victorious.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (2013-2021)

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A comedic version of police procedurals, Brooklyn nine-nine centers on Detective Jake Peralta and his colleagues in Brooklyn’s 99 Ward. Along with regularly solving cases, the series explored the characters’ personal lives and brought to life one of Will’s best pairings in the form of Jake and Amy’s relationship.

One of the most obvious reasons to watch B99 after blockbuster is that both shows feature Melissa Fumero. Amy and Eliza actually have a lot in common personality-wise, and both have a complicated relationship with one of their co-workers.

Fresh off the boat (2015-2020)

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Fresh off the boat may be understated, but it’s one of the best TV shows set in the 1990s. Loosely based on the real life of Eddie Huang, the series explores what his life was like when his family moved from DC’s Chinatown in Orlando, so his father could open a western-themed restaurant.

Randall Park is the star of both shows, which is why Fresh off the boat is a great show for the fans who loved it in Blockbuster. Both shows also focus on Park’s character growth in the role of owner/manager, and it’s fun to see where his characters are different and where they’re similar.

Kim’s Convenience (2016–2021)

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One of the best Canadian sitcoms of recent years, Kim’s Convenience gained an international following once it became available on Netflix. The series centers on the Kim family, who run a convenience store in Toronto, Canada.

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As Blockbuster, Kim’s Convenience explores what it’s like to run a dying business. Both also feature employees who aren’t exactly thrilled to work in the stores despite being relatively good at the jobs they do.

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

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Parks and recreation is arguably one of the best workplace sitcoms of all time. Set in Pawnee, Indiana, the show follows the quirky Parks Department as they struggle to get things done in city government. Over the seasons, Parks and recreation extended beyond the walls of City Hall, tackling congressional elections and personal life.

As Blockbuster, the parks department rarely receives support from the government or the city as a whole. Additionally, Leslie and Timmy have a blind love and optimism for their jobs and will stop at nothing to keep them.

Space Force (2020-2022)

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Steve Carell Returned to TV to Play General Mark R. Narid on Netflix Space force. The comedy follows Mark and his colleagues as they are tasked with creating the very first branch of the US military for space. Season 1 revolves around the team trying to settle on the moon, while Season 2 deals with the aftermath of that mission.

While space and video stores may not have much in common, the people who work there do. Both Mark and Timmy are determined individuals who don’t always make the right decisions, but they always have good intentions.

Supermarket (2015-2021)

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Hypermarket follows the day-to-day struggles of employees working at the fictional Cloud 9 big-box chain. From extremely passionate managers to characters who literally have no choice but to work there, Hypermarket truly explores the highs and lows of retail.

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blockbuster looks a lot like Superstore, but the latter operates on a much smaller scale. However, both shows tackle the same kinds of character tropes. Both Eliza and Jonah are college dropouts, Cheyenne and Hannah are young headliners, and Timmy and Amy both find themselves working the same jobs they’ve had since high school.

The Middle (2009-2018)

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Located in Orson, Indiana, The middle focuses on the Heck family, who epitomize what it’s like to be middle-aged and middle-class while living in Central America. This underrated family sitcom ran for nine seasons and followed the characters through their personal lives as they dealt with dead-end jobs, roller-coaster relationships and the ever-present reminder that money doesn’t grow. on the trees.

Whereas The middle is not a workplace sitcom, the series has a lot in common with blockbuster since both shows take place in small towns. They also both point out the difficulties of making life work when money does not flow freely.

The Office (2005-2013)

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Adapted from the British series, Office follows employees of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Led by Michael Scott, the employees never know what to expect from their work day and often find themselves doing strange things to pass the hours.

Although Timmy isn’t quite Michael Scott’s level of hilarity, the two bosses share the same love and dedication to their work and their employees. Both shows also feature budding romantic relationships and characters, who have dreams bigger than the four walls they stand in.

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