10 Best Comedy Series of the 2000s


While television today is dominated by action shows and teen dramas, the 2000s were filled with comedy. As a decade has passed, many comedy series remain the go-to for their fans. These shows keep an audience laughing and crying, and their timeless scenes encourage edits, references, and memes.

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Many of these shows remain prominent due to their relatable nature and unique take on everyday situations. The best part about comedy is that it comes in many forms, making it accessible to anyone who wants a laugh. Whether it comes as a family-centric sitcom or a witty medical drama, the 2000s offers some of the best comedy series.

10/10 Laughter is the best medicine in scrubs

First in 2001, Scrubs differed from other medical shows of its day by its use of comedy. The series follows a group of medical students as they begin their stay at Sacred Heart Hospital. While the show features a quirky cast of characters and humorous banter, there’s also a personal touch to the show that enduring fans of the character, JD.

One of the main features of the show is the use of storytelling from JD’s point of view. Fans can experience the show with its beliefs in mind. This unique touch adds an undeniable charm to the show that leaves fans smiling and laughing along with the main character.

9/10 Arrested Development embraces its unique history

Development stopped is different from other comedy series of the time because of its unique premise. The show follows Michael Bluth as he takes over the family business for his father, who has just been imprisoned. Michael has to balance that development with being a good role model for his son, and that’s not always easy.

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The series won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and received strong reviews from critics. Fans continue to love it, as Netflix picked up the show in 2013 after its initial cancellation. The show remains one that fans return to for a quick laugh.

8/10 Psych is full of suspense and laughter

The exploits of Shawn and Gus of Psych have kept fans coming back for years. The show originally aired in 2006 and now has several spinoffs and three feature films. The series blended genres to great success, using Shawn’s amazing observational skills to create a comedy-filled cop show.

The oldest joke on the show is that the police force believes Shawn is a psychic. This belief leads the main characters into interesting and humorous situations, and many of them leave fans bursting into laughter at the end of each episode.

7/10 How I Met Your Mother Kisses Romantic Comedies

how I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that keeps fans coming back. The show uses a unique format that hooks an audience, and fans binge on episodes trying to discern who the main character, Ted, ends up with. The story is told through flashbacks, and even though everything on the show happened in the past, fans can’t help but get caught up in the antics of each episode.

The show features an exuberant cast of characters, many of whom encourage Ted into outlandish situations in the name of love. The show is shrouded in overriding mystery, but each storyline unfolds with humorous scenes and dialogue.

6/10 Malcolm in the middle captures the dysfunctional family

One of the best-known comedies of the 2000s is Malcolm in the middle. The show centers on Malcolm as he navigates daily life with his family. None of his family members exist without their share of problems, causing conflicts that play out in a humorous way.

Whereas Malcolm in the middle loves acting, there’s also a layer of vulnerability to the show that keeps fans coming back. There are many instances where the audience can see their own family in the characters and subplots, and that connection makes the show more enjoyable.

5/10 The Big Bang Theory knew its audience

The nerd stereotype has always been used as a joke in the media, but the The Big Bang Theory takes the trope to a new level. The show centers on a pair of roommate geniuses as they pursue their goals in life. The show, despite being another sitcom and comedy, is unique in the way it tells jokes. Since the characters are mostly scientists with a niche interest, their knowledge of science and comics is shown for laughs.

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The Big Bang Theory was a show that revolutionized comedy, allowing walking laughs to become the main characters, in a very successful way. The fan support for the series is reflected in its numerous nominations and its spin-off series. Young Sheldon.

4/10 Gilmore Girls Balance Heartfelt and Humorous

The multigenerational drama Gilmore Girls encourages fans to come back if they want to laugh and cry. The series follows a mother and her daughter as they pursue their dreams and learn to grow up. While the series is known for its heartfelt moments and drama-filled subplots, there’s no limit to the amount of laughs it provides.

Lorelei and Rory Gilmore are quick-witted women. Some of the show’s best moments happen amid lively banter. The show was also full of pop culture references that don’t get old, making it a fun rewatch no matter the time of year.

3/10 This 70s comedy is timeless

That 70s show is meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia in the audience. The teen sitcom focuses on a group of teenagers as they approach adulthood. Everyone knows growing up isn’t easy, but the show puts a comedic spin on what it means to be a young adult.

With the show set in decades past, it encompasses timeless humor that a wide audience can relate to. Fans keep coming back to the show because they enjoy the cast and because the jokes always land despite hearing them over and over again. The episodes focus on the growing pains the characters face, providing fans with situations they can relate to and laugh about.

2/10 Friends exceed reputation

Few shows are more important in pop culture than Friends. The series’ use of a large cast creates plenty of opportunities for compelling situations, and many of them contain comedy. The show’s story encourages fans to embrace complex situations with humor, and the method succeeds in building fan loyalty.

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Outside media is awash with references to the show, and the taglines and characters can probably be recognized by someone who isn’t a fan. Friends‘ Their excellent reputation is due to the funny dynamics of the characters, the wacky situations they find themselves in and the humorous conversations they share.

1/10 The Office Defines Comedy

When someone mentions a comedy series, Office will likely end up in conversation. The documentary-style comedy features a star-studded cast that can’t keep fans in their place. The show focuses on what it means to have friendships, romances, and rivalries at work. Part of the appeal is that the characters feel like fans might meet in their own lives.

The show’s scenes have also been the source of numerous online references and memes, giving the series a prevalence outside of its usual audience. The combination of comedic camera shots and satire earns the series a place in the hearts of comedy fans.

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